Jersey Wado Ryu was formed over 20 years ago as Bel Royal Karate Club by Sensei Liam Ahearne, at the time a 2nd Dan.

Sensei Ahearne had previously taught at Kenyukai and many of his former students joined those early lessons. Liam was originally joined by Susan Loose assisting with instructing. Susan soon went traveling and as the club grew sensei Ahearne was joined by Sensei Ryan Lambotte.  Ryan and Liam developed the club with the assistance David Louis and friends from Bristol Karate club and Clevedon karate club in the south west of England.

Sensei Ahearne retired in 2008 as a 4th dan, moving to Ireland. He has left the club in the hands of Sensei’s Lambotte and his son Steven Ahearne, both 4 dans.

At Jersey Wado Ryu we believe in the traditions of martial arts, but are aware of the changes in culture between ancient Japan and the modern western world. With this in mind we still teach the age-old art of karate, but in a family-friendly environment more in tune with our own cultures.


Traditional karate, Modern teaching