Belt System

The belts grades are as follows. (Note Kyu means grades to black)

N/A – No Belt
The unplanted seed, with untold potential.

8th Kyu – White/Red – (6 months from starting)
The birth of a new light is indicated by white. In karate it usually depicts a person who starts to learn Karate who keeps in mind the different challenges that they are going to face.

7th Kyu – Yellow – (6 months from 8th Kyu)
Yellow symbolises the first ray of sun light. In karate its meaning is that now the student’s mind is open to accept more possible techniques and methods.

6th Kyu – Orange – (6 months from 7th Kyu)
This light is an indication of the spreading of light on the earth. So, it shows how the student is expanding their knowledge in the field of Karate and self.

5th Kyu – Green – (9 months from 6th Kyu)
It depicts the penetration of steams and roots of the plant to obtain sunlight. In turn this means that the student is developing new skills and learning new techniques towards mastering Karate.

4th Kyu – Purple – (9 months from 5th Kyu)
The plant is growing up towards the daytime sky which gradually turns to night as a sun sets.
This is an indication that the student is very serious about acquiring new belts and overcoming inner challenges.

3rd Kyu – Brown with single Black tip – (1 year from 4th Kyu)
2nd Kyu – Brown with double Black tip – (1 year from 3rd Kyu)
This shows that the plant is almost fully grown, nearing readiness for harvesting.
Similarly, this in an indication that the student has gained adequate knowledge and now ready for combat.

1st Kyu – Brown with single White stripe – (1 year from 2nd Kyu)
This signifies a depth of the knowledge that the student possesses with an ability to give others below them a successful direction.

Shodan – Black Belt 1st Dan – (1 year from 1st Kyu)
The plant dies, a new one is born.