Who takes up Karate?

You hopefully! 

Lots of different types of people train at our clubs. They all have different reasons for joining. The minimum age of the club is six years old but we have no upper limit.

How long does it take the average person to get a Black Belt?

The average person does not get a Black Belt 

How do I start to train?

The best way is to turn up to a class and introduce yourself. There is no pressure and we’re happy if you just want to watch before having a go. We’ll always see that you are well looked after and remember we’re all very friendly and always welcome new members.

What should I wear or bring with me?

It’s best to do 3 to 4 weeks before buying a suit just to make sure this is for you. In the meantime its best to wear loose sports clothing like a tracksuit or jogging bottoms and a tee shirt, and bring a bottle of water or still drink (not fizzy). We also train with bare feet.

I’m really unfit – does this matter?

No. Training is geared towards what you personally can do so you don’t need to be fit to start with. You will though certainly get fitter and more flexible through regular training.

Does it hurt, will I get hurt?

Bumps and bruises are inevitable in any form of semi contact sport or martial art but more

serious injuries are extremely rare. We have strict rules and conduct while training and this is there to minimize any injures and to promote respect and safety for each other.

Many people do find they ache a day or two after their first few sessions, but this is only

because we are using different muscle groups to everyday use, but this will become familiar as you continue to train.

Are training sessions hard?

Sessions are tailored to your grade experience and age. As you progress they will become

tougher as this is part of the character building and physical and mental stamina that will be required at a higher level. We do expect everyone to try hard and we will give plenty of

encouragement along the way.

Can I stay and watch while my child trains?

Some clubs do not allow this but that rule doesn’t apply at our club. We actively encourage

parents, especially those of beginners, to stay and watch. It’s important you understand how the club works and that you’re comfortable with their training. You never know you might want to have a go yourself. Once your child is comfortable with the club and if you’re happy with us, then by all means give yourself an hour off, we are the cheapest babysitting service in the Island.

How often do I have to train?

We like students to train regularly as it is much easier to follow their progress, but how often you train is completely down to you. Lower grades only train once a week, higher grades usually do two sessions, and the die-hards practice every day and train as often as possible. All you need to remember is that karate, like any other skill, requires practice and the more you train the quicker you’ll learn, progress and improve.

What sort of stuff will I learn?

You’ll start with the simplest techniques e.g. basic kicks, punches and blocks, along with a few combination moves, basic self-defence and kata (set sequence of moves). As your training progresses you will learn more advanced techniques and defences against someone attacking or punching you (we try to cover the most common attacks seen on the street). Later on you’ll also start to learn defences against weapons and knifes (not live blades) and multiple attackers and how to protect yourself if you fall to the ground.

Most of all your skill set, confidence, respect and self-discipline will increase.

Why do you have coloured belts?

We have coloured belts to denote a student’s progress these go from white to black. Gradings are held regularly and if you are ready you will be invited to grade. There is a minimum time period between each grade. Karate is not a race and no pressure will be put on students to grade. Everyone will work and develop at their own pace. (Beginners all start with a red/white belt)